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Getting Started

At the heart of Shabad OS is an open source database containing the Sikh philosophy. Learning more about this philosophy and sharing it with others is our mission at Shabad OS.
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You can view the contents, translations, and other notes in the Database using our Viewer. In addition, each individual line has it's metre calculated. The Viewer may also be used to share discrepancies between the source material and digital data.
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You can present the Database at gurdwaras, camps/retreats, and virtually through live captions on platforms like YouTube.
Installing the Presenter on Windows / macOS >

Featured Articles

Gurmukhi Utils is a library for converting, analyzing, and testing gurmukhi strings.
Check out Gurmukhi Utils >

Ongoing development, project management, and marketing is made possible by the support and dedication of volunteers.
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This document caters to developers or programmers that wish to write code and directly contribute to the source code of Shabad OS.
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We choose to use spaces, not tabs.
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Shabad OS is an open, community-driven, and volunteer project.
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