Configuring Live Stream Captions

Learn how to set up popular live stream software with captions using Shabad OS's Overlays.

Finding the Overlay URL for Shabad OS#

In Shabad OS, use the cog/gear icon in the controller to open Settings. Choose Overlay in the left pane, then click the Overlay URL to copy the URL to your system clipboard.

Adding a browser to the live stream#

In the live stream software, add a browser to the scene. If the browser is not sized to match the live stream's resolution correctly, it may result in blurry text.

Finding the Base (Canvas) Resolution

  1. Use the File menu, then click Settings.
  2. Click Video in the left pane.
  3. Note down the Base (Canvas) Resolution.
  4. Click OK or Cancel to close the window.

Adding a browser to the scene

OBS Studio
  1. Click the + button in Sources to add a Browser to the scene.
  2. Fill in the URL with the Overlay URL from Shabad OS.
  3. Fill the Width and Height to match the Base (Canvas) Resolution. The resolution is displayed width first, height second. E.g. "1920x1080" means width=1920 and height=1080.
  4. Delete any text in Custom CSS.


If there is no Overlay URL in Shabad OS settings, please read URL Endpoints.

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